We have 10 years experience in Industry

Asadolaw provides business support services from the beginning of its establishment, during its operations, to its conversion or merger and acquisition. With a team of 12 experienced legal experts, we help solve quickly problems between businesses and administrative agencies. In addition, Asadolaw’s network of affiliate partners also help to handle all legal issues of the business:

  1. Foreign investment consultancy

Researching Vietnamese laws, forecasting the effects of laws, setting up investment projects, carrying out investment and business procedures with foreign traders. Searching for investment locations suitable for products and production and business activities of foreign investors.

  1. Performing procedures for business registration and enterprise establishment.

Drafting dossiers on business registration, tax registration, seal registration, and labor registration.

  1. Managing accounting books.

Consulting and managing accounting books, handling cases of tax arrears, tax and accounting errors.

  1. Applying for sub-licenses.

Applying for an education license, a chemical trading license, a transport service license, an environmental license, food hygiene and safety, order and security, fire protection, etc.

  1. Business procedures.’

Performing procedures for registration of trademark protection, quality standard registration, product announcement, bar code registration, social insurance registration, procedures for employment of foreign workers …

  1. Business administrative services

Leasing offices, managing offices, drafting and arranging documents in business activities.

Experiences in investment consultancy

Asadolaw has a management team and experts with more than 10 years of experience in investment consultancy. Asadolaw is a bridge between businesses and investment management agencies, and other agencies in the field of industry and trade, customs, tax, construction to implement the investment advisory activities:

  • Consulting foreign investors about the conditions to invest in Vietnam.
  • Consulting about applying for Investment Registration Certificates.
  • Consulting about establishing foreign enterprises.
  • Applying for permission for foreign businesses to operate branches and representative offices in Vietnam.
  • Providing consultancy on adjusting Investment Certificate.
  • Identifying and selecting partners and investment locations. Reporting on partner business investigation.
  • Consulting about making a research on pre-feasibility and feasibility.
  • Consulting about evaluating environmental effects.
  • Drafting, completing dossiers and relevant documents, registering and completing procedures at the competent authorities for approval and necessary licenses such as investment license, construction permit, permit special import, etc.
  • Consulting about mobilizing investment capital, use of labor, organizing and managing accounting and tax system, import and export procedures. Consulting on technology transfer and equipment procurement when the business comes into operation.
  • Consulting about investing abroad.
  • Providing consultancy on managing investment capital.

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