Investment certificate issued thanks to Asadolaw’s consulting services

Investment certificate issued thanks to Asadolaw’s consulting services

Consulting services for investing into Vietnam

Shifting investment into Vietnam

After the US – China trade war and the Coronavirus pandemic. Many companies had a tendency to withdraw from China and move their factories to Vietnam. When a foreign enterprise wants to invest in Vietnam, investment plans need to be made and investment certificates must be obtained at the Project Management Board or at Provincial People’s Committee where the factories are located.

Investment certificates are prescribed by Investment Law; and considered a compulsory condition for a foreign enterprise to do business in Vietnam. Those who want to invest in Vietnam but have little knowledge of Vietnamese regulatory environment really need an investment consulting service to be assisted during the whole process.

Consulting services for investing into Vietnam

A consulting service for making investment certificates will provide enterprises with the services as the following:

  1. Consulting about form of investment: providing the information about the regulatory environment and comparing benefits to choose the form of investment.
  2. Consulting about investment industry: consulting about applying for industries which are suitable for investment targets and meeting legal requirements.
  3. Consulting about capital: investment capital needs to be transferred to Vietnam; and it is also an important factor for the regulatory authority to approve investment plans. Therefore, everything must be taken into consideration to be suitable for investors’ abilities investment industry, and investment targets.
  4. Giving advice on company members: consulting about benefits as well as obligations of members in the company. And some issues regarding appointing or changing members of the company in the future.
  5. Giving advice on legal constraints of the investment environment: consulting investors about: work permit, property ownership, personal income tax, and remitting profits back home.

Application file for registration of investment certificate

  1. A proposal to issue investment certificates.
  2. Investor’s finance ability report.
  3. A joint-venture contract with respect to the form of investment in establishment of a joint venture enterprise with domestic investors.
  4. Written consent of the competent authority in case of using state capital for investment. Joint venture or economic links with other economic sectors.
  5. Authenticated documents identifying investors; Including authenticated copy of passport for individual investor. Or authenticated copy of business registration certificate for institutional investors.

Steps to register for an Investment Certificate

  1. Considering the legality of papers and documents provided by the investor. Giving advice as well as proposing the necessary changes to revise the Documents in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.
  2. Translating the documents provided in the file into Vietnamese.
  3. Preparing application file for the investment certificate.
  4. Representing investors to submit the dossier to the State management agency.
  5. Representing investors to contact the competent authorities during application evaluation.
  6. Representing investors to contact the competent authorities to verify licensing documents. Providing professional opinion on investment projects.
  7. Notifying investors all information related to the application evaluation process.
  8. Supporting investors in modifying and supplementing documents at the request of the case managers (if any).
  9. Receiving the Investment Certificate from the competent authority and send it to the investor.
  10. Registering corporate seal for the company and tax for investors.

Service of making Investment Certificate in Vietnam

Asadolaw advises and assists investors in carrying out the procedures for obtaining Investment Certificates. From renting, renting factories, to fulfilling business conditions and going into operation.

Services for obtaining investment certificates

  • Consulting about conditions for foreign investors to be allowed to invest in Vietnam.
  • Consulting about applying for an investment registration certificate.
  • Providing consultancy on establishment of foreign enterprises.
  • Applying for permission to operate branches and representative offices for foreign businesses in Vietnam.
  • Providing consultancy on adjusting Investment Certificate.

Services on investment conditions

  • Identifying, selecting partners and investment locations, reporting on partner business investigation.
  • Consulting about preparation of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
  • Consulting about environmental impact assessment.
  • Drafting, completing records and related documents. Registering and making procedures at the competent authorities for approval and necessary licenses, such as investment license, construction permit, special import permit, etc.
  • Consulting about raising investment capital, use of employment. Consulting about organization and management of accounting and tax system. Consulting about Consulting import and export procedures. Consulting about technology transfer and equipment procurement when the business comes into operation.

Asadolaw has 10 years of experience in carrying out procedures to apply for an Investment License for enterprises in Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Long An. We assist customers in preparing documents, submit application on behalf of clients and receive results at regulatory agencies, support customers when problems arise during operation. Please contact us for advice and a quote for performing the work.

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