Quotation of making service for Investment Certificates

Proposal of issuance Investment Certificate

Asadolaw advises and on behalf of the client to contact the relevant authorities, implementing fully comply with  the legal procedures, laws in the establishment of the investment project.

No. Responsibility: Proposal of issuance Investment Certificate Responsibility Time Service Fee
1 To prepare relavant document for the establishment  of a new investment project Asadolaw  






35 days








2 Submitting and receiving results for a new investment projects Asadolaw
3 Printing, filing and completing of a profiles for new investment projects. Asadolaw
4 Dossier  
  Application letter for issuance of investment registration certificate Asadolaw
  Proposal letter for the investment project Asadolaw
  Production process

Documents of proving financial capacity in showing the ability to mobilize investment capital, contributed capital of the project:


Certificate of bank account balance or letter of guarantee / loan commitment of the bank if the Parents company’s financial statements do not have equal or more than total investment capital contribution to implement the project of the company in Viet Nam

Notarized translation financial statements of investors in case of the investor is an organization  (must be consular legalized before notarized translation)

Asadolaw and investor







  Copy of translated and notarized of the business license of the investor in case the investor is an organization (must be consular legalized before notarized translation) Investor    
  A copy of notarized passport of the investor in case of the individual investor; copy of certified representative of the investor in case the investor is an organization Investor
  Documents of project location:

+ Factory lease contract or land lease contract and land plot diagram

+ Land Use Right certification , work ownership certificate

+ Construction permit,

+ Investment certificate, Business Registration certificate of the lessor

  Total   35 days 2.500 USD

Business Registration

No. Responsibility: Business Registration Time State Fee Service Fee
1 To prepare business registration dossier and prepare the authorization letter      








250 USD

2 Submitting and receiving the results of business registration dossiers. 3 days  
3 Tax registration for the first time together with business registration.

(Tax code registration, taxpayer information, taxes payments code, accounting system, fiscal year)

1 day  
4 Provide a company stamp (good, thick, beautiful), submit the stamp registration form at the business registration office. 1 day  
5 Announcing the business information on MPI portal (required).    
6 Support to set up a bank account for company at Asadona office. (HD Bank, OCB Bank, BIDV Bank)    
7 Printing,filing and completing of a profiles business registration for company members.    
  Total 7 days 250 USD


Total cost of the dossier is 2.750 USD excluding 10% VAT.

The first payment is  60% when signing the contract. The second payment is  40% when receiving the investment certificate.

Number of days is understood as “working day”

Customers provide completion of related documentsand ensure the legality of the documents provided.Provide information to support Asadona in preparing documents: project scale, address, expected revenue, profit, number of employees …..

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